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Our Vision

To promote a SAFE, SECURE, NURTURING, INCLUSIVE, FUN, COVID FREE learning environment in which children become CAPABLE, CONFIDENT and RESILIENT, RESPONSIBLE  individuals.

Our Values

 Our aims 

Super Hero's

Expanded values and aims


Respect - We appreciate each other in Auchinairn EYC ensuring we have quality engagement and interactions with children, families and staff, where everyone feels valued and respected regardless of religion, beliefs, or race.

Achieving- Together we recognise, support and celebrate our learner’s achievements and developments in nursery, at home and in the community through promoting their curiosity, investigation, discovery and enquiring minds.

Included - Through working in partnership with families and the community we value each other as an individual where everyone matters, everyone has a voice and a right to be understood, respected, included and accepted.

Nurturing - Fostering a caring, settled and stable environment where children feel their well-being is at the heart of the nursery and adults support their physical and mental health and emotional well-being through supportive, responsive and holistic approaches.

Belonging - Cherish a sense of relationships by supporting children to understand their values, contributions and kindness in a culturally diverse thriving society.

Opportunity - Children have freedom to participate in fun experiences, play provocations and lead planning in their indoors, outdoors and community environments, where they are supported in being risk aware, understand risk benefits and engage with quality experience, interaction and play spaces.

Welcoming - We aspire to maintain a positive ethos in a happy, caring, stimulating, living in the moment setting, creating lasting memories where adults challenge, support, scaffold and motivate their learning to ensure all children reach their full potential.


During Covid-19 and beyond we aim to: 

  • Ensure all staff, children and parents are aware of procedures for
    arriving and leaving the nursery safely
  • Have a comprehensive Risk Assessment in place which all staff have read,
    understood and follow
  • Ensure that health and safety procedures are in place including regular
    handwashing, social distancing and clean as you go
  • Provide enhanced opportunities for children to engage in outdoor
    learning to promote health and wellbeing
  • Organise the centre into bubbles to ensure there are consistent
    groupings of children playing together 
  • Ensure all early years team members, families and community share a clear vision to give Auchinairn EYC children the best start in life.
  • Establish an early years workforce who are skilled, knowledgeable and have expertise understanding child development, providing rich, stimulating, positive interactions and children’s voices are heard and valued.
  • Maintain high standard of care and support for children, parents and staff during and after pandemic.
  • Create a learning environment that promotes quality and equity, fun and happy experiences where laughter and chat can be heard indoors/outdoors and in the local community.
  • Provide support and help to develop resilience through transitions from home to nursery, room to room, nursery to school and life changing events.
  • Ensure staff, families and other professionals work together to contribute to positive outcomes for children and families.
  • Build an ethos in which the wider community feel valued, consulted, respected and supported during COVID 19.
  • Form positive relationships between the centre and families through regular and clear communication e.g. learning journals, texts and email
  • Develop children's independence and self-help skills across the early years setting.
  • Be compassionate and supportive to children and families unexpected life changes e.g. financial well-being, bereavement and mental health.